I thought欧美人与zozoxxxx另类

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I thought欧美人与zozoxxxx另类

I was sore all over from my workout at the local gym. Until recently I never really thought about working out, but my friend Mike took me here once, and I was hooked. The rush of all my hormones and other chemicals felt great. I was only leaving because they were starting to close up, they closed at eight-thirty, and it was eight. Most people had left, and the only other person in here was Jeff. He was getting off the treadmill and was heading to the locker room, just as I was. Now Jeff was a ripped guy and was on the school’s varsity football team. In only a few weeks they had state championships coming up, and he was determined to help bring home the golden first place trophy. He had countless girlfriends and I’m pretty sure they’ve all had a piece of his hunk of meat. I sometimes fantasized about him being partially curious and him being a good friend. Looking at him approaching the door he waved at me. “Hey, what’s up?” “Not much, ya know. Just about to take a quick shower before I left.” I told him as I pulled open the locker room door in the back of the gym. “Yeah, I think I might take a shower as well.” He said as he followed me inside. Both of our lockers were just a few lockers apart so we normally talked while we got undressed. “So you find a girl yet?” Jeff asked as both of us opened our lockers. “Nah, I don’t like any of the girls at our school.” I told him, pulling off my gray workout shirt and laying it on the cement bench behind me. In the short time I had been working out I already had a six-pack, guess it was because I was always kind of a string bean. “Oh come on there has to be someone.” He insisted, revealing his sculpted chest and abs. I got a slight boner and hoped he didn’t see it through my gym shorts, considering that today I was wearing my boxers. I tried not to make it look suspicious that I was staring at his package that looked huge through his shorts. “Nope, kinda nice staying single though.” In one motion I took off both my shorts and boxers facing away from him, hoping he wouldn’t notice my now rock hard dick. Behind me I could him striping down to nothing and then following me to take a gym towel with him to the shower. “Why do ya say that?” he asked. As I stopped to grab a nicely folded up towel I could have swore I felt something hit my right butt cheek. But I shrugged it off as my imagination. All the while to the shower I ignored his question. The showers were all separated by an inch thick wall that was covered with the same white tile that covered the floor. I loved hot water, so getting in I turned the hot water nozzle as far as it would go, and just tweaked the cold water nozzle just a little bit. The water felt good on my body after my workout. “So why do you think staying single is a good thing?” he asked as he turned the nozzles in his shower next to the one I was using. “I don’t know, keeps your options open I guess.” I said admittedly, grabbing a small bottle of liquid soap off the little shelf in front of me. “Yeah, I guess ya never know who might come around.” The steam was rising from my shower and going out into the nearly empty locker room –since the shower didn’t have a shower curtain on it. The soap foamed as I rubbed it in, and I put some on my boner that I still had. Turning back around to face the shower head I could feel the sweat wash off my body with the soap. With the sense of cleanliness, I started stroking my eight inch cock. “You ever have sex?” Jeff asked out of nowhere. I guess I could tell him, I thought, I mean he is a friend. “Yeah, once.” “How long ago was that?” “Oh, God I don’t know. The summer before freshman year I think. Got drunk at a party and woke up in the morning in a bed with some chick I didn’t even know.” I paused, “How ‘bout you?” “Yeah several times, with all my girlfriends since Grace in the eighth grade.” He told me. “It seems almost like withdrawal with not having sex in the past three months.” He and Caitlin had broken up exactly three months ago that day. “Well, I guess you’ll have to find a new one.” I said back, still looking straight down as I was jacking off. He gave a slight huff, “Yeah, I guess.” I seemed to be getting nowhere with stroking my meat,男人狂桶女人出白浆免费视频 but I convinced myself that I had to cum to get rid of my boner. Without warning two big arms threw themselves around me from the back, I could feel a good size dick pressing up into my butt crack. Before I could say anything the right hand covered my mouth “I love you Dylan.” Jeff’s voice whispered in my left ear. I didn’t know what to think, I never thought I would be in a situation quite like this –not even when I fantasized about him. His grip loosened enough so I could turn around in his arms. Twisting by body to face him in the face his light-brown eyes stared right into mine. “I love you too.” I said back to him. I pulled my arms out of his hug and wrapped them around him as well. We both pulled on each other at the same time and in no time our moist lips dicks were touching. I almost came, but was able to control myself before I did. Jeff pulled back about an inch from my face, keeping his grip on my body. “So, what ya want to do?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. “How about we go all the way.” I blurted out without thinking. He looked down at our dicks, -as did I- all either of us could see were the heads, They were touch each other. “You wanna get fucked?” “Sure.” I said immediately, again without thinking. “Okay turn around.” Jeff said as he motioned with his hands for me to turn around.He hit his hard iron rod dick on my cheeks a few times to set the mood. The water was pouring down my face and down into the drain again. I felt the tip of his head working its way up into my asshole. In response I started to bend down as far as I could in the small space I had in front of me. “Ahhh.” I groaned as he slowly inched his warm dick in a little bit at a time. When it was in me all the way he started thrusting his hips forward and back. “Ah,ah,ah.” I tried to muffle my screams a little bit. I could feel his dick rubbing on the tissue in my ass, and it hurt like hell. Sensing that it was hurting me he slowed down a little. I was so ready to cum; I was just barely holding it back, precum was all over my head. “Wait, give me some soap over there.” I grabbed the liquid soap that I had used earlier. I threw my right arm back with the soap in my hand. Feeling his dick coming out of me I let out a small gasp. I could hear him rubbing the soap over his dick. “Okay, here we go again.” He said, again he had to work his dick in slowly but once in my ass again it felt like my ass was on fire. His dick was going in and out of me so fast I didn’t know how long he could hold in his cum. Grabbing my shoulders he finally yelled it. “Ah, ah, I’m gonna cum!” his warm cum filled my ass, and I could feel some cum leaking out of my asshole slightly. He was quick to pull his rod out. I was about to lose it I couldn’t hold in my cum any longer. “You wanna eat some cum?” I asked hopping off one foot at a time as I turned around. He didn’t say anything, just went straight down to business and sucked on my cock like it was a lollipop. “Ah, that feels good!” I exclaimed as what felt like a dam had just burst in my penis. His tongue moved around solely on my head. This has to be a dream! I thought to myself, even though the pleasure was far too good to be a dream. With what seemed like the last squirt of cum out of my dick he bounced right up and we locked lips again, his mouth tasting like my cum that I had tasted myself several times before. Forcing open my lips with his tongue, hot cum flooded my mouth. In the moment I moved my tongue into his mouth and brought even more of my cum into my mouth. Both of us wrapped our tongues around one another as we let the cum slowly drip down our throats.

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