five minutes later欧美啪啪

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five minutes later欧美啪啪

The rest of the ride to the dorm was fast and full of talk, all most like nothing between Blaine and I had happened. When we arrived at the college, I was enticed by the elaborate sign out front, and the foliage lit by ground lights. It turned out that the dorms were situated nicely within campus, and not to far from my classes. When we pulled into the parking lot for the dorms, Blaine was jabbering about our Dorm’s notorious history of partying and blah blah blah. I was half listening, to excited to get into my dorm and get my stuff put away. As Blaine pulled my things out of the trunk, I couldn’t help staring around at my surroundings. The feeling was surreal, I was in college!Blaine made us take the stairs, which I groaned about, until I learned we were on the second story. We made our way down a busy hallway, even though it was so late into the night. “A lot of other freshman arrived today, its usually not like this” he said, seeing my looks of interest. We came to a door at the end of the hallway, situated right across from the bathrooms. “Sweet, not a long walk to the bathrooms” I said. “You won’t have to worry about that” said Blaine. I looked at him puzzled. He opened our door and turned on the light. I looked into a nicely decorated, somewhat spacious room. I looked around and saw two beds, both dressed in sheets and pillowcases of the university. “My parents thought it would be nice to get you bed sheets and things, instead of you buying your own. They also got you the universities pajama pants, and a windbreaker” he said with a laugh. “Well that was nice of them! I’ll have to tell them thanks in person. There was a dresser and a desk next to my bed, as well as next to his. I saw a door in the back corner of the room. “What’s that?” I said, thinking it was some door leading to the air system. “Go see for yourself” he said with a wink. “Oh no way!” I said, opening the door. It was a bathroom, with a group shower that had five heads, and a few toilet stalls, and a sink with three sinks. “How did….?” I began to ask. “Back in the good old days” Blaine began; “The university had dorm advisors who all slept in this room, but then they hired security, and moved the remaining dorm advisors to that small building connected outside” he said “My parents were able to pull a few strings, because they thought it would be a ‘hustle’ for me to trek down the hall to the bathroom”. “I like your parents!” I said. The rest of the night I spent unloading my things, putting them in my dresser and on the counter in the bathroom. I put posters on he walls, and hung a tie dye tapestry I had on the ceiling. I put my things on my desk, and opened face book to make a quick status update. I turned off the lamp next to my bed, and climbed in, feeling the soft sheets touch my skin. I was almost asleep, when I heard Blaine rustle in the bed next to me, and next thing I knew, he was in my bed next to me. It was really awkward, because there definitely not room for us both, so he spooned me, and quite frankly, I didn’t want him in my bed. I felt his hardening cock on my ass, and he began to kiss my neck up and down.“Um…Blaine?” I said. “Yes?” he murmured. “Whatcha doing?” I awkwardly asked. “Repaying you” he said, flipping me on my back and mounting my front side. He made his way down my body, under the sheets. I stared at the ceiling, rolling my eyes. I wasn’t into this at all, was he going to be like this all the time? If so, I was going to be over it really quick. But these thoughts subsided the minute his warm mouth wrapped around my cock, and he began to give me a blow job I had never had. There was no way to describe the way it felt, it was better than any other blow job I had ever had. The things he did, kept me in constant pleasure, but didn’t make me have to cum for awhile, he had some magic touch. After about 15 minutes, I was starting to get sick of relishing the pleasure, and thought my hardest about feeling his mouth and his tongue, and trying to cum. Before I knew it, five minutes later, I was blasting into his mouth, panting as I did it. I heard pleasurable groans from under me. When he was done, he came back up and spooned me again. “I love you” I heard him mutter. “WHAT THE…..???” I said in my brain. I laid there wide eyed, as he dry humped me from behind.I had only known him for a few hours, and two blowjobs later, he was in love. For some reason, however, I felt indebted to him for all he had done. So I let him hump me and do what he wanted, but I never, and probably wouldn’t ever, return that sentiment of love.That night I slept very poorly, partly because I was excited about being in college, partly because I was worried, and mostly because if I moved I would fall off the bed. At about six in the morning, I slowly got up, not because I didn’t want to wake him up, but because I didn’t want him to follow me. I realized that I was naked, so I must have somehow lost my clothes last night. I opened the window and felt that it was a little breezy and going to be a nice day. I tip toed to the communal shower attached to the room, and turned on the water, then grabbed my clothes, and returned. As I was under the tap, I felt the urge to be alone. I sped through my shower, dried off, put my clothes on, then quietly left, bringing with me my favorite book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I walked through the campus, looking around at my beautiful surroundings. It seemed as if everything was lined with huge trees that swayed effortlessly in the breeze. I found a large oak tree a little ways off the path, and sat under it. There was a nice little groove in the roots which I posted up in, and opened the book to page one. A few hours later, when I was three quarters of the way through the book, I looked up to see a group of frat boys walking along the path. I looked at my watch and realized it was ten, and I had been here for quite a while. One of the boys looked over at me, motioned to his friends, smiled, and then started walking my way. “Oh Great” I muttered. He was considerably good looking, but looked a little bit to cocky for my taste. He looked exactly like Teddy from 90210, and had the body to match, except he had a disorderly clump of dark brown hair on top of his head. He was wearing a tight fitting white shirt, jeans, and a letterman jacket with his Greek letters on it.“Hey dude” he said in this very deep and masculine voice, smiling, showing a set of perfect teeth. “Hey…dude” I said, somewhat mockingly. He sat down in front of me, crossing his legs, and smiled again. “What’s up?” he asked. “I’m just sitting under a tree” I said shortly. “I’m Austin Reynolds” he said, in that same husky voice. “Jeremy” I said, shaking his hand. “It’s my second year here” he said. “First” I answered. “Hey, the boys and I are having a party at the fraternity house and I was wondering if you wanted to come. “Sure!” I replied, almost too quickly. He laughed and handed me an invitation. “It kind of exclusive, but you look like a cool kid, see you there!” he said hopping up.I watched him leave and realized how nice an ass he had as he jogged to get back to his friend, he looked like a horse with the muscular build he had. I pocketed the invitation and got up, walking to the campus store. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but before I knew it, I was in a cab going to the local mall. I was walking shop to shop, when I found myself in the middle of forever 21. I hated this store, and had no idea how I ended up here. I was in a total daze. I was walking over the railing to the escalators when I saw a hand waving at me; I looked down to see the letterman jacket, and Austin Reynolds waving. I awkwardly waved back and continued to the escalator. I looked down but didn’t see him, thinking he had better things to do. I was walking to the doors when he got up. “What’s up bro?” he asked. “Oh, um nothing, just felt like checking out the mall” I replied, somewhat quietly. “Are you having a hard time getting used to it or fitting in?” he asked. “Well not so much fitting in, because its my first day here and I only know you and my roommate, but more of the getting used to it.” “Well let me show you the fun things about this place and the people, and ill bring you to the party?” he aid. “Um, ok!” I replied, rather fast. It wasn’t that I was expecting anything to happen, but I wanted to see what a fun time was to him. We ended up going to a bunch of shops,久久久久久精品免费免费自慰 and seeing a ton of people along the way. Austin seemed to know almost everybody, and introduced me to a bunch of them. We ended up walking with a group of girls and guys. With them we took a bunch of pictures and talked, I felt like I was in middle school again. I was having such a great time, that nothing could ruin it. No matter how high school it sounded, being around Austin was like being around a magnet, the more time you spent, the more people you met, and the more people who all of a sudden thought they had known you forever. Austin and I had separated from the group, and were headed for some classic style boutique. I had bought an outfit for the party, and had changed into it there. Austin asked if I wanted to go, and I said sure. The ride home was fun, when I realized I had forgot my phone. I asked him if we could get it from my dorm on the way there, and he said sure. On the way back to school, he was telling me about how the fraternity had taken a special liking to him, made him an honorary member, and he had gotten a special room with a bathroom and everything. I told him about Blaine and how his parents had gotten us and old RA room. “Blaine? Blaine Thomas?” he asked. “Yea. You know each other?”. “Oh yea him and I used to be really good friends in high school, but he thinks I’m too popular or some bull” he said coolly. “Oh, haha that’s weird” I said awkwardly. When we arrived at my dorm I hopped out of the car, and so did Austin. I shrugged my shoulders, and he followed me up the stairs. I went to the end of the hall, opened my door, and waved at Blaine who was staring at the ceiling. I grabbed my phone, and went to the bathroom to put some cologne on. I went back in my room to find both Austin and Blaine looking uncomfortable. “Oh Blaine, this is my friend Austin, and Austin this is my roommate Blaine” “We know each other” they both said. Oh duh! Austin just told me that. “Right then, lets go Austin”.“So you just leave all day, and find a better scene, and don’t even invite me?” Blaine said hotly, as I was walking out. “There aren’t anymore invitations Blaine” Austin said. “Blaine I would’ve asked, but it wasn’t my place. And I left my phone here so I couldn’t call you” I muttered. I showed him my phone, and noticed there were a ton of friend requests for face book, I quickly pressed confirm all. “Ill see you later?” I asked. “Whatever” Blaine said nonchalantly. “Don’t worry about him Jeremy” Austin said, as we got into his car. When we pulled up to the house, it looked like the party was in full swing. We parked and ran up the steps to the house. I walked in and was greeted by all the frat boys and the people I had met earlier. All thoughts of Blaine quickly were thrown away. I grabbed a cup and made my way through the crowds. I sneakily poured my drink into a plant. And went for another. I wanted to remember this night, but not look like a freak that didn’t drink, so I continued this cycle, pretending to get drunker and drunker. Eventually everybody was commenting on how I knew how to party, and all I did was smile and yell. I was getting into a stage of my acting for the night that I could barely walk, when I felt somebody throw my arm over their shoulder, and support me up the stairs. I entered a dim room with a huge bed, wooden floors, and covered in posters of sports teams, with an open bathroom door, and sliding doors to a closet. The floor was strewn with clothes and smelled slightly of sweat. I found my way to the bed, and sat down. I looked up to see Austin closing the door, and turning to me. He became eye level with me, squatting and looking at me. I just smiled stupidly. “You really got out of control down there” he said, laughing, and apparently totally sober. “I straightened up my face and said “Well truth be told, I have never really partied, except this time I went to Belize, well that doesn’t matter…” I was mumbling like an idiot.He quickly got up and pressed his lips to mine. He pulled away, and we both stared at each other, wide eyed. We both broke into cheeky smiles. He said he didn’t party either. Just then, something weird filled my body as I looked into his adorable, muscular face, and stared into his eyes. He seemed like someone for me, someone I wasn’t interested in, but was nice, kind, and made me think opposites really do attract. Granted, while at the mall, he made douchey comments and acted like a pig for his friends, but he was someone I think I may have liked. I came back to reality and stared into his eyes again. He grabbed my hair and pulled me into another kiss. I responded, and he lowered me slowly onto the bed, and got onto the bed, straddling me. He broke away, looked at me and said “You’re okay with this Jeremy? Have I hurt you?” I smiled. “No you haven’t, don’t worry about me” with that, he lowered himself back to me, and kissed me. The inevitable fumbling of belts started, and next thing I knew, we were making out, while grinding on each other, butt naked. For a minute I totally didn’t care about his dick, because the body on top of me was almost too much. I felt every ab, contour, flex, of his perfect body. I felt his solid defined pecks rub on me, and the grinding of the perfect hip bone on me. Then my focus came to his dick. I was used to guys with huge dicks in my experience, with the exception of Aimes. With his physique, and the other physiques I had encountered, I was expecting a huge horse cock to match his horse like body, but instead it seemed like an average six and a half. That’s not bad, just not what I was expecting. I grabbed both our dicks, and began to jack them off simultaneously. He pushed us farther into the corner his bed was in, and pushed his tongue farther and farther into my mouth. He pulled away to kiss my face, nibbling on my ear, while whispering something into it. I happily obliged and moved into position. Next thing I knew I was sucking his cock, while he sucked mine; we were in a sixty nine. I began to forget about his dick again as I moved my hands over his perfect legs, stopping at his calves to feel the flex. I moved them back to the shaft where I moved my hand slowly up and down.I felt his tongue swirling on my cock, perfectly synchronizing with me. We were a symphony of slurps and moans, as we sucked each other off. I began to feel the usual tingle deep in my loins, right as I felt his balls pulling into his body, and his cock stiffening. We both moaned loudly, as we both erupted into each others mouth. I began to bob furiously up and down, not stopping until his orgasm was completely finished. We both swallowed it all. We both came back to eye level, and he pecked my mouth. He climbed under the covers, and invited me with him. He laid down, and I laid next to him, he came close, so I laid on my side and he came behind me. He put his arm around my body, and grabbed my hand, interlocking my fingers. At that exact moment, as the chill ran up my spine, I learned what it meant to be wanted, and what it felt to feel passion.




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