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on the other hand欧美男男gaygay巨大粗长肥

I sat slumped comfortably in the couch with George lying beside me, both of us naked after hot cock sucking session we had. He laid his head on me, gently foundling my chest. I softly run my fingertips on his side down to his hip and back. We looked at each other, without words … “I think I'm falling for you John” George said suddenly … “I'm having very strong feelings for you too” I confessed “And not just from recently, you know. You were always special to me but I think I begun to fall for you at this year's midterm winter trip. You, and Ben, and I in the same hotel room, way up in the mountains. If, by any chance, those geeks of Winston twins weren't with us in that room, who knows what would've happened right then and there. But, I didn't act on it. Partially because of twins and partially because I was afraid you two would get mad and never wanted to have anything to do with me. Now, I wish I did … oh, well – better late than never” I smiled. He propped himself on his elbows, looking at me slightly in awe “But … but … if you hadn't told me this, I could have never guessed it. You were so … straight acting towards me … or Ben for that matter. We already suspected you're at least bisexual if not gay, so you looked kind of funny to us. But we never said anything because we figured you'll tell us when you're ready.” He laid his head back in my lap and we snuggled some more when he suddenly said:“We could go and pick up Ben, you know … than we could have some more fun while you have free house”. I felt steer in my lower belly immediately as he said that.“It's great idea. But, you'd have to go and get Ben by yourself, as I can't leave my hose … and you know Ben, it is newer five minutes with him.” He sprung back at his feet before I finished my sentence, looking at the floor in search of his underwear. George dressed in no time and was already on his way out:“I'm off to get Ben. Don't go anywhere" as if I was going to. "You're about to have time of your life” he said as he stormed out of the house. 'My God' I was still on my couch thinking 'my dream is about to come true!!!' My dick reacted, springing to full mast incredibly fast. 'Well, I'd better prepare myself' With that thought, I left for bathroom. If I was about to take it up the ass, I'd better empty my bowels. Prospect of possible mess grossed me out, so much so that my cock went totally limp as fast as it hardened. It took some effort, but fifteen minutes later I was considerably lighter with empty colon. Yet, I didn't felt quite clean enough. Somehow I knew I need to wash and rinse my insides to be sure nothing gross would happen. Looking around bathroom, I got the idea to try and use shower hose to clean myself. After few futile attempts, I finally got everything right – water temperature and water pressure, position of hose nozzle in my ass … so went with it. I stuck hose in my asshole, clenched sphincter around it and took water in me. As soon as I felt full I pulled hose out still clenching my sphincter, holding the water in me. Furthermore, I decided to jump to the toilet just to ensure that my ass and colon are well washed. And it worked … after several more rotations, clean water run out of my ass. I washed area with soap, rinsed and dried my ass with towel. I even used some deodorant spray on the area. I figured if it's all clean and if it smells nice we'll all enjoy much more … and more often too (that really was my goal ☺). Finally, I figured it would be of great help if I could use something to lube my ass. When I slipped my soapy finger in my ass earlier today, while taking outdoor shower, it felt so much better than Ben's dry finger. So, I looked around and found some box with Vaseline my mother had in the sink drawer. With everything in order, I went out from bathroom to wait for Ben and George to show. Clock said it was only half an hour past noon, so we had time. Sitting there, in my loose cotton shorts with nothing beneath I was ready … TV was on but my mind was fixed on things I expected to come. My God, was I turned on. As I pictured Ben, George and me doing things to each other, my dick was constantly hard. Yet I refused to touch it. I saved it for my lovers – they will know what to do with it. Somehow, I managed to preoccupy my thoughts with some sitcom playing on TV … it was funny so my thoughts gave in. Just as I stopped thinking about sex, Ben and George stormed inside. Both were pushing and fooling around, using every chance to grab the other one's ass and crotch.“Hello John” Ben exclaimed “How's it hanging?” Yeap, Ben would be Ben – no matter what. “To the left, as always … want to feel it?” Without second of thinking, he jumped up to me and his hand grabbed my junk. “True … to the left … and soft, unlike me” he stroked his loose shorts tightening thin fabric to show hard cock stretching to the right almost to the hip bone.“Ah I see … George told you everything” I concluded. “He most certainly did. And may I say – YEAH!!! Some cherries will pop today” he had most mischievous grin on his face, and his hand caressed its junk … slowly, with long sexy strokes.“So guys, have you ever fantasized about this? How are we going to do this?” all of the sudden George was mature one.“George, I do care great deal about you … but shut up and get naked – we're going to figure it out as we go” Ben sounded impatient.I cleared my throat to get their attention “He actually has a point here. If any of you guys plans to take it up your but, you should prepare yourselves. Firstly go and take a dump then I'll show you how I washed and prepared myself …”Ben was looking at me in awe “Yes Ben, I want to be fucked in the ass but certainly don't want anything that would gross me or two of you guys to leave my shit-hole.”“Mmmmmm … I like when you talk dirty, you slut” said Ben taking his shorts and briefs off of him. As he undressed, George did the same with me following them at the end. Here we were, standing naked, springing semi-hard cocks.“OK, to the bathroom” I said and led the way.“But I can't take a dump if somebody is with me in the toilet” George said.“Right, then you go and do your best to empty your ass. When you're finished, call me and I'll help you clean up all the way” I said.George went into the bathroom, leaving me and Ben standing naked in my living room. “Come here … I want to make out with you” Ben said spreading his hands. I came to him and our bodies touched. And it was that same feeling again, like some force glued us. Our cocks pressed between our bellies, grinding at each other. Ben's hands instantly grabbed my ass, squeezing it passionately, spreading my ass cheeks apart then pulling them back together. At the same time, we started to kiss. It was even more passionate than kissing with George. As if Ben was on fire and that fire slowly engulfed me too … his hand were all over me now, travelling up my back, up to my shoulders then down my hands, hips and back to my ass again. Whole time, he'd move his hips in light circular motions, grinding our pelvises and cocks. George's “I'm finished” came in just right moment – few more seconds of our play, and neither me nor Ben would be able to stop. I don't know about Ben, but I certainly didn't want to leave George from real action.“OK … I'll be with you right away” I replied, breaking contact with Ben.“Johnny, you're so fucking hot” was all that Ben said letting me out of his embrace. “Hey, can I come too … I can take shit while you do whatever it is that you'll do to George. Dump and a show, double joy!” only Ben can make joke like that.“Do come, since same torment awaits you too you might as well come and watch.” I replied laughing.We all entered bathroom. While Ben was taking his dump, I showed George what to do – shower hose and all. He waited for Ben to stand up from toilet and did the routine until he was clean. Than Ben did the same. We laughed and joked all the time, yet whole scene was kind of sexy. It showed on our hard dicks that we caressed now and then.Eventually, all three of us were clean and ready. We went back to my living room. As soon as we got there, George and Ben stud by me, each grabbing ass cheek and tit. As Ben started to lightly pinch my nipple, my body shivered which made me moan. George took this as a hint, and did the same with nipple he was holding. I just moaned loudly. In reply, my hands grabbed their hardness, lightly squeezing and jerking their gorgeous dicks. It made them moan too …“Mhmmm … you two are incredibly hard” I said “your cocks are mine to play with”.With that, I turned to George to kiss him. He responded and Ben groaned. He changed his position and went behind me. As he did, he pressed his entire body on mine, kissing back of my neck with small, wet kisses. I felt his hardness on my ass, so I wriggled my but grinding and stimulating his cock. By doing so, I made Ben grunt loudly.“Ahmmmm John … your ass feels so good” he said, moving his hips and sliding his cock through my but crack.George, on the other hand, took his initiative as we stopped our kissing and stud in front of me. His hand was on my crotch, foundling the area skilfully avoiding my cock. His other hand continued to grope my left tit while he kissed his way along my neck and chest to my right nipple. When he took it in wetness of his mouth, my knees gave up and I buckled almost falling on the floor.“Ahhhhh … guys, let me lay on the couch before I fall down and hurt myself” I said. So I turned to couch, when Ben said:“Let me sit down first, and you can sit in my lap”“Mmmmm … great …” I commented.He sat down, spreading his legs just enough to let his big balls fall free bellow his gorgeous, hard cock. Ben held his member in his fist slowly jerking. I admired how skin went of his cock head and back on as his hand traveled up and down his shaft. He's dick was big and thick and I wanted to suck him.“Benny, screw this lap sitting thing. I want to suck your cock” I said in husky voice. I went on my knees in front of him, removing his hand from that beauty he had pointing upwards. I started to kiss his inner thigh just an inch away from his ball sack. He pushed his hips forward trying to make his balls meet my mouth. I evaded by pulling back and he made mumbling sound. I looked up to see what's going on with him and saw George's cock in Ben's mouth. It was enormously hot scene, so much so that I immediately took Ben's beautiful dick in my mouth. My move was immediately met by him by pushing his hips forward, making his dick enter my mouth with ferocity of horny teenager. As he entered my mouth, I wrapped my tongue around his shaft as much as I could. He mumbled even more loud. I opened my eyes and saw George humping Ben's mouth with barely third of his cock coming in and out. I kept watching, mesmerized by Georges balls moving back and forth as he face fucked Ben. My sucking on Ben's member got faster and harder. With each forward motion, I took a bit more of his greatness in my mouth and throat,工口全彩h肉无遮挡无翼乌 until I parked my lips on the base of his dick. He was deep in my mouth, pulsing and throbbing, and I realized that I didn't gag at all taking him in. Encouraged, I started to bob my head slowly pulling him almost out of my mouth entirely, leaving just a tip of his cock head between my lips. Then, I'd swallow it again … whole thing, 'til my lips touched base of his shaft again … then all out … than all in … I was getting better and better at this. Later in life, I found out that this was called deep throating but back then I didn't care how it was called. I just wanted to have his dick in my mouth and throat as deeper as I could.“Aaaahhhhhh … you are incredible … mmhhmmmmmm …. Yes …. Fuuucckkkk …. “As I lifted my head upwards, still keeping Ben's cock head in my mouth, I saw that he stopped sucking George and watched on me sucking him. George did the same, stroking his big dick right next to Ben's face. George's cock was all glistening from Ben's saliva. “George, there's a box of Vaseline. You put some on my asshole and on your dick … I need you to fuck me – I want you to pop my cherry.” As I said that I started to make circular motions with my ass, and as I did that, my balls got stimulated by my thighs. “And I need you to do it now. Come on George, don't make me beg”“How can I refuse such an urgent call” George said, climbing off the couch still stroking his dick. As he went behind me, I looked at Ben and said “And you, you'll fuck my mouth until I make you cum in my throat. Your cock feels so good in my mouth, I'd like to suck you forever.”“Oh Johnny, you can suck me whenever you feel like. You're such a cock sucker” Ben said looking down at me “Just so you'll know, after George's done fucking and deflowering you and he gets that ass nicely open I'll fuck you … I wanted to fuck you for so long … suck me, make me come in your mouth so that I can fuck you for a long time.” He was all on fire, that was clear, but his words poured some extra gasoline on all of our fires. My unjustly neglected cock twitched in response to Ben's talk. And, at the same time, I felt some coldness on my ass crack. I looked back and saw George. He was smearing Vaseline on my butt. As he did his fingers massaged my pucker and it felt great. So much that I pushed my ass back on his hand. He took my hint and guided one of his fingers in my ass. Feeling was incredible – his finger and my ass were so slippery from all that Vaseline, so his finger entered me without any resistance from my sphincter. “Wow, you've got one hungry ass John” said George “how's this” he commented as he pressed his second finger on my hole. Yet, amazingly, second finger went right in with just a little resistance. Brief faint pain was the only unpleasant response from my ass, which was immediately followed by greatest feeling of joy I've ever felt before.“Mmmmm George … it feels good …” I moaned “come on fuck me already, I can't take this tease any more”“He's a real slut isn't he” Ben said, before giving me his command “come on, suck my dick … you incredibly hot cock sucking slut” he said as his hand landed on the back of my head, pushing me into his crotch. I returned to sucking his cock, this time paying extra attention to his glans. My tongue circled around edge of his cock head, and as I lightly sucked pre-cum from Ben's cock smeared on my tongue. I could swear it tasted sweet; at least it tasted that way to me. While I was paying my respects to Ben's beautiful hard member, George finger fucked me. And I realized that George was fucking my ass with three of his fingers. And it felt awesome. My hips were lightly buckling back in response to all the pleasure George's fingers steered in me. All of a sudden, he pulled his fingers out of me. I felt great emptiness in my ass and I was about to complain when something hard and round pressed against my pucker. George was preparing to penetrate my ass with his cock. I slowed my sucking on Ben's cock almost entirely, trying to feel every second of moment when I'd lose my anal virginity. George saw that my bobbing on Ben's cock stopper and said “are you ready John?”“Mhhmmmm” was all I could mumble, unwilling to let Ben's dick out of my mouth. Just as I mumbled my response, George's cock pushed on my asshole, still quite loose from finger fucking he gave me. My ass gave some faint resistance to his sleek helmet and I pushed my insides like I was to take shit, in order to loosen myself for George's cock. George slightly increased pressure on my asshole and his cock head went past my sphincter. Some pain confirmed his entry, and my sphincter clenched around his shaft. He took the hint and stood still, allowing me to accommodate. In just a few seconds, pain was gone and was replaced by intensely good feeling. In response, my ass relaxed completely and I buckled my hips backward. In one smooth move, I effectively impaled myself on George's big cock resting my butt cheeks on his pubes. He immediately started to move his hips, driving his tool in and out of me in slow, long, careful motions “Ahhhh John, I'm in … mmmmmm … all of me … uhhhh … I'm fucking you Johnny … with my hard cock …you're so hot and tight … Ben, this feels … uhmmmm … great “ George was super aroused, it was clear by the way he talked. His movements slowly gained in speed, but he was consistent – he'd pull his cock almost all the way out of my ass, leaving only cock head in it, than back all the way until his crotch would make slapping sound when he'd reach end-of-the-line and my buttocks.I mumbled in ecstasy, George's cock in my ass felt incredibly good. I lowered my hips a little so he'd penetrate me in a downward angle. As I did so, his cock found my prostate and my cock started to leak pre-cum like crazy. And Ben profited from George fucking. His faster and faster motions transferred through my insides to my mouth, making me suck Ben's cock with newly found force. George was now out of control. He really picked on speed, fucking me furiously … slap – slap – slap were loud sounds our fucking made, as I thrusted back my ass to meet George's fucking. At the same time, oblivious to any gagging (if any happened at all) I was taking Ben's cock into my mouth all the way to his balls as George would shove his dick in my ass. As George would pull back, I'd follow just enough to release Ben's cock from my throat, leaving his helmet in my mouth.We went on in perfect sync for some time. Pleasure I was feeling was unimaginable to me until that moment. My insides were melting, I was on fire, my ass and mouth fully enjoyed hardness of cocks in them … When I come to think of it, it is wonder we lasted as long as we did.I was first to explode – as George constantly kept hitting my prostate, I reached point of no return when his hand grabbed my cock. Spasms shook my entire body, my insides clenched and I pushed my ass back onto Georges cock. He just held my cock in his fist without moving. I mumbled still unwilling to let Ben's dick out of my mouth. And I mumbled loudly. Cum squirted out of me all over carpet … two strong squirts was all I was good for, but my orgasm lasted a bit more, making my insides spasm all over George's cock deeply buried in my ass.My orgasm proved to be too much for George to handle – somewhere along my own orgasm, he could not take it anymore and he started to dump his load in my ass. Through waves of joy in my body, I felt his cock throb inside me while it squirted incredible hotness all over my insides.“Aarrggghhhh … I'm cumming … John, I'm filling your ass … oohhhhhh …. Aaaaaaahhh …” George yelled as orgasm shook him. He buried his cock as deep as he could while his balls emptied in me, with my insides still clenching and squeezing his throbbing shaft from my own orgasm. I looked at Ben, still sucking his cock head – his eyes were open wide as George and I orgasmed almost simultaneously. He obviously couldn't take it anymore and started to fuck my mouth vigorously. His movements pushed his cock all the way in 'til his pelvis hit my mouth, than pulling it all the way out almost leaving my mouth completely. He repeated this maybe ten times before he reached his own point of no return. As he did he groaned:“Here I ggoooooo … aaaaaaarrghhhh … oohhhhh …” he yelled as his hips pushed forward. His cock got even stiffer as it went all the way in … but he didn't pull out this time. He even grabbed my head with both his hands, pushing me down into his crotch. I cupped his balls in my right hand, gently squeezing them in their skin sack. With that he began to spasm, squirting sperm deep in my throat. As he begun to squirt I started to swallow, massaging his cock head with my throat. “Oooooohhh … suck me … arghhhh … take it … mhmmmm … take it all … make my balls dry …” Ben grunted and moaned as his body released all of its sexual tension. His cock squirted spunk deep in my throat, while his big, egg-shaped balls contracted in my hand. I eagerly devoured everything he was giving me, making his orgasm last. Finally, his cock stopped twitching and pressure of his hands released my head. I pulled back my head just enough to make his cock leave my throat but keeping it in my mouth. Small amount of cum was still seeping from his piss slit, and my tongue scooped it. He shivered as I did so and backed his hips, making his cock leave my mouth. His breathing was fast and deep, and his face was covered in sweat. I lowered my mouth onto his ball sack, slowly licking his balls and skin below. He responded by spreading his legs as much as he could, giving me better access to the area.“Ohhh Johnny … that was amazing … mmmmm … you are a sucking master. What you did now was … was … fucking believable.”I lifted my head and looked at him “Well, thank you … I see it was good for you as it was good for me”.Then I felt George squirm behind me, his still stiff cock moving in me. “And you … you were amazing also” I was now turning my head to look at George “that was some fuck. Your enormous dick fucked this orgasm out of me. Even if you didn't grabbed my cock I'd still finish. And I have to say – feeling your cock squirting spunk deep in my guts was awesome.”“John, I cannot describe how good it felt to fuck your ass. I'll just say this – I hope you'll do me too so you can feel it for yourself.”“That I would do George, but not right now – I think I need some rest. I finished three times since I woke up this morning. I honestly don't believe I have any sperm left in me” I said and all three of us started to laugh.“It's same with me” George said laughing, while his dick went limp enough to fall out of my asshole. As he unplugged himself, his spunk started to leak out of my ass. He used his fingers to scoop it and then to put it in his own mouth.“It tastes good, better than when I jacked myself of” George said sucking his fingers.“Is that so?” Ben asked grinning “I'll have to try myself” While they talked, I turned on my knees and took George's semi-hard, cum covered dick in my mouth. I licked it clean and he was right – it tasted good.Suddenly, I felt wetness on my asshole. It was Ben, licking my ass and scooping George's spunk seeping out of me. “Mmmmm it does taste good" he smacked my butt and exclaimed "you can say it's Ben approved”.All three of us laughed. Ben lay on the couch while George and I did same, but on the floor. “Guys, I'm no longer virgin - however you choose to look at it today my cherries popped. And it couldn't be better. Thank you for that – you made my dream come true. I love you guys” now I was completely honest. Both of my best friends perfectly understood me. Their eyes showed it clearly. “Well, day isn't over yet and you, my friend, have to stick that dick of yours in some ass” George said, smacking his butt lightly. “Or two” Ben added, also smacking his own butt.“Time-out … I need time-out” I said making widely known sports gesture with my hands “and I need to eat something. I'm hungry like animal; I hadn't eaten anything from this morning. Are you guys hungry?”“Yeah” George simply replied. “I'm hungry too … for your ass … but, some food would be nice also” Ben grinned.“Well, lucky for us all my mother made her famous stew. Care to join me?”“Oh yeah …” both of them said in unison …To be continued …



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